11:11 LIVE with Kenneth

Kenneth Gartman

11:11 LIVE with Kenneth

Join Kenneth Gartman on Wednesdays at 11:11 am EST for an uplifting 30 minutes of music and devotion on Instagram Live @unitycenternorwalk.  If you miss it, you can view them on IGTV or on Unity Center of Norwalk's Facebook Page.  I will try to post links to past shows here as well.  The show began on Monday, March 23 and was originally 6 days a week with a Special Guest (Mon-Sat).  Then I shifted to 5 days a week in June (Mon-Fri).  The 2nd week of July I switched over to just one day a week without a Special Guest.  The focus of the show now is on connecting with spirit utilizing the Daily Word.  I choose a different Daily Word every week and build music and devotion around that.  I'm always open to suggestion!  Prior to May 14, the shows were posted on Unity Center of Norwalk's Instagram Story for 24 hours after the show and then they disappeared.  Instagram did an update that allowed me to start posting the shows to IGTV.  The first 45 shows only live on in the memories of the viewers and participants!

Past Shows:

Wednesday, August 12 "Appreciation - I am grateful for the good in my life!"

Wednesday, August 5 "Believe - I believe I am wonderfully made"

Wednesday, July 29 "Pray for Others - I affirm truth for everyone I hold in prayer"

Wednesday, July 22 "Protected - I am divinely protected from within"

Wednesday, July 15 "Refuge - God/Love/Spirit is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble"

Wednesday, July 8 "Freedom"

Fri, Jul 3 - Joe Colavito

Thu, Jul 2 - Julie Tracy

Wed, Jul 1 - Mary Illes

Tue, Jun 30 - Yolonda Williams

Mon, Jun 29 - Rosemary Loar

Fri, Jun 26 - Sergio Garcia

Thu, Jun 25 - Robin Fierce

Wed, Jun 24 - John Valentine

Tue, Jun 23 - Sarah Ferro

Mon, Jun 22 - Rev. Yolanda

Fri, Jun 19 - Lonnie Parks

Thu, Jun 18 - Karen Oberlin

Wed, Jun 17 - Michelle Seipel

Mon, Jun 15 - Melissa Victor

Fri, Jun 12 - Lisa Serna

Thu, Jun 11 - Sue Matsuki

Wed, Jun 10 - Ari Axelrod

Tue, Jun 9 - Maria Corsaro

Mon, Jun 8 - Janelle Robinson

Fri, Jun 5 - Bob & Linda Kahn

Thu, Jun 4 - Ashley Cheah

Wed, Jun 3 - Johnny Liszewski

Tue, Jun 2 - Lorraine Dowdey

Mon, Jun 1 - Theresa Crisci

Sat, May 30 - Kristen Brown

Fri, May 29 - Valerie Lemon

Thu, May 28 - Joseph Verga

Wed, May 27 - Rachel MacIsaac

Tue, May 26 - Matt Berzon

Sat, May 23 - Lisette Glodowski

Fri, May 22 - Stephen Kallas

Thu, May 21 - Jim & Carla Keyes

Wed, May 20 - Joe Badion

Tue, May 19 - Daniel Kushner

Mon, May 18 - Allison Demers

Sat, May 16 - David Friedman & Shawn Moninger

Fri, May 15 - Raissa Katona Bennett

Thu, May 14 - Linda Kahn