Kenneth Gartman


Kenneth has a brand new solo show directed by Lennie Watts entitled "When In Rome" that he will be bringing back to Don't Tell Mama, NYC in 1/28, 2/1 & 3/11.  Click HERE for the details.  In the meantime...check out the reviews!  

Bart Greenberg for Cabaret Scenes

Robert Windeler for Bistro Awards

David Sabella for Cabaret Hotspot!

Maria Corsaro - Love...It's Complicated
Kenneth Gartman When In Rome
33 Annual MAC Awards Comedy/Novelty Song 2019
Kenneth Gartman When in Rome Review for Bistro Awards
Kenneth Gartman When In Rome Review for Cabaret Scenes
Cabaret Hotspot
Sing Your Heart Out
A Cabaret Workshop

Sing Your Heart Out is a workshop where you will be equipped with all of the tools necessary to deliver an impactful performance.  You will discover your personal connection to songs, take risks and develop the confidence necessary to step on to the cabaret stage and sing your heart out.  Click HERE for more information about our Winter 2019 Workshops in Norwalk, Connecticut.

33 Annual MAC Awards Emcee 2019
33 Annual MAC Awards Duo/Group 2019
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