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On Broadway - An Evening of Broadway, Movie & Pop Classics!
Upcoming Gigs

Saturday, 1/15 - Open Mic Night, Norwalk, CT

Friday, 2/18 - Sing Your Heart Out, Norwalk, CT (& LIVESTREAM)

Saturday, 2/19 - Open Mic Night, Norwalk, CT

Sunday, 3/6 - Unity of Dallas, Dallas, TX

Saturday, 3/25 - "My Pet Dragon" Reading at Open Jar Studios, NYC

Saturday, 4/16 - Open Mic Night, Norwalk, CT

Welcome to my website.  I'm a New York City based Singer, Pianist, Vocal Coach, Music Director, Director and Producer.  I wear a lot of hats, but I love everything that I do.  Thanks for checking out my site.  Let me know if you have any questions! 

Debut Album

I finally did it.  I recorded an album.  "We Need a Little Christmas" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.  Click HERE for the links to download and info to buy an actual CD, if you prefer that options.  If you'd like to contribute financially, click HERE for more info.

Sing Your Heart Out
A Cabaret Workshop

Sing Your Heart Out is a workshop where you will be equipped with all of the tools necessary to deliver an impactful performance.  You will discover your personal connection to songs, take risks and develop the confidence necessary to step on to the cabaret stage and sing your heart out.  Click HERE for more information about our SPRING 2022 Workshops in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Open Mic Night Featuring Amara Breisch
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