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Kenneth Gartman
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This Connecticut based Cabaret Workshop is your opportunity to discover yourself as an entertainer through both your interpretation of songs and the importance of understanding lyrics as well as developing your ability to tell a story that is enlightening, funny, inspiring and makes all of us think for a moment.  Each entertainer will create a 12 minute set that includes 3 songs and patter that will be designed specifically for your point of view.  Co-facilitators Shawn Moninger and Kenneth Gartman will team with the whole class to make this one of the most fun events of the year as well as offer the confidence that you truly are becoming a well-rounded entertainer.  Click HERE for dates/fees.

Open Mic Night
Open Mic Night

Join us the 3rd Saturday of every month in Norwalk, CT for Open Mic Night.  Click HERE for more information.

  • Need a song transposed/arranged?

  • Need to revamp your audition book?

  • Need entertainment for a special event?

  • Need a Music Director for a project?

  • Need an audition accompanist?


Kenneth Gartman

Sing Your Heart Out
A Cabaret Workshop

Sing Your Heart Out is a workshop where you will

be equipped with all of the tools necessary to

deliver an impactful performance.  You will

discover your personal connection to songs, take

risks and develop the confidence necessary to

step on to the cabaret stage and sing your heart out.

"The immensely talented Kenneth Gartman...has the vocal power of a Broadway star with the nuance of a cabaret singer who knows how to connect with an audience in a smaller venue."

       - (2016)

Accepting deposits/applications for the Late Winter Workshop in NYC.  Sign up today!  Click HERE for more information.