Kenneth Gartman


Audition Preparation

I will use my knowledge of the current trends and expectations for auditions in the NYC musical theatre industry that I've gained from playing for auditions and sitting 'behind the table' to help you prepare for your upcoming professional auditions.  We will work through your audition sides and songs so that you are confident and prepared when you walk in the room.


I play the piano very well and can accompany you on your music. I'm happy to devote whatever time necessary during a coaching to get solid recordings of the melody and/or the accompaniment so that you can rehearse on your own at home.  I can also record files on an mp3 recorder and email them to you.

Acting & Vocal Technique

I incorporate acting and vocal technique into my vocal coaching. This of course varies depending on the needs of each singer. Some singers want a lot of technical feedback. Some just want a chance to run their music and to make sure that their musicality is at the highest possible level. All feedback that I give as a vocal coach is honest and constructive. My goal is to work with you so that you can be as authentic as possible in the audition room-making honest acting choices while singing the correct notes with confidence and ease.

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